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Subject Re: Developing and debugging CForms
Date Mon, 30 Aug 2004 09:07:32 GMT
but if i use jboss as my application server is it can be debugged ? 
thank you

Scott Yeadon <> wrote:

I've tended to just use debugging statements in my code (since it's 
mostly been me causing the problems!) but if you use Eclipse, below is 
an extract from a previous post that may help you (I haven't tried it yet).


======== start =====================

More people here use Eclipse, as far as I can see.

build eclipse-project
That'll create an Eclipse project file.

Then, fire up Eclipse. Create a new project, pointing its workspace to
the Cocoon folder (not the webapp, the one containing build.bat).
Create another project that relates to your application, including the
source for your actions, etc. Make that project dependent upon the
Cocoon one.

For this new project, point the Eclipse compilation output to
WEB-INF/classes, so that your changes will show after a JVM restart.

Run Cocoon with:
cocoon servlet-debug

In eclipse, start a remote debugging session, connecting to localhost on
the default port, for your project. Once connected, you'll be able to
set breakpoints in your code.

Then, using a browser, request a page with http://localhost:8888/blah

If Cocoon hits a breakpoint in your code, Eclipse will catch it.

The rest is up to you.

Regards, Upayavira

============ end ==============

Derek Hohls wrote:

>Does anyone have a useful approach for 
>developing and debugging CForms - the
>reason I ask is that I have just adapted a
>set of forms from my first CForms project
>(which *is* working) and now, to my
>surprise, the new forms display OK but do 
>not pick up any data from the XML files to 
>which they are binding...

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