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From "Timur Izhbulatov,,," <ti...@kca>
Subject Re: forms and xinclude
Date Wed, 11 Aug 2004 01:24:08 GMT
On Fri, Aug 06, 2004 at 04:31:33PM +1200, Phil Snowdon wrote:
> The reason is that I have a number of forms with sections that
> couuld be reused.  I'd like to keep the common definitions in
> seperate files and merge them with the form definition xml files
> when needed.  Obviously I'd need a similar mechanism for the form
> template files too.

This problem was already discussed here. Please, see this[1] thread.

> Is there any way to apply an xinclude transform to a form
> definition file BEFORE creating a form object (handleForm
> function)?

Let's see. The form-definition parameter that you pass from the sitemap is
a URI pointing to an XML source. That means you theoreticaly could define a 
pipeline which generates form definition and use cocoon:/ scheme in 
form-definition. But I don't know if this actually works.

Alternatively could probably use processPipelineTo to get the output of your 
generating pipeline and use the generated definition to creata a form by hand
whithout using the handleForm() function.



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