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From qMax <>
Subject Re[2]: newby Q: how to aggregate source in resource
Date Thu, 19 Aug 2004 10:29:13 GMT
Thursday, August 19, 2004, 4:11:31 PM, wrote:

Vr> qMax wrote:
>> [...]
>> More general:
>> I need main page template (currently i use XSLT) which uses (and slightly transforms)
>> original HTML content and content from some other sources (currently i
>> use map:aggregate as input to this XSLT)
>> and should produce final HTML with menu and all that stuff.

Vr> What about include?

Vr> =============================
Vr> <map:pipeline>
Vr>    <map:match>
Vr>      <map:generate src="original XHTML" />
Vr>      <map:transform src="include-things.xsl" />
Vr>      <map:transform type="cinclude"/>
Vr>      <map:transform type="remove-namespace" />
Vr>      <map:serialize/>
Vr>    </map:match>
Vr> </map:pipeline>
Vr> =============================

Oh! Thanks!
This solution has slept from my view.

But actually included content is not ready-to-use HTML, but is XML to integrate
into final HTML via XSLT.
In particular - block "meta" has additional xml-info about current site node ("page"),
and is dependant on current request URL and request parameters.

so, i probably should use something like:
<ci:include src="cocoon:/meta-info?resource={$original-request-uri}&{$original-request-param-string}"/>

Or use some another concept of retrieving meta-info.


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