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From Adriano Smith <>
Subject xsp submit
Date Tue, 17 Aug 2004 09:58:04 GMT
i have a form login.xml where user id and password are entered in text boxes and stored and

The code for the xml is given below.

Username <input title=\"User\" name=\"mailuserid\"/>
<input title=\"Password\" type=\"password\" name=\"mailpassword\"/><br/><br/>
    <do type=\"accept\" label=\"Submit\">
    <go method=\"post\" href=\"mail/mail.wml\">
    <postfield name=\"NEXT\" value=\"VERIFY\"/>
    <postfield name=\"uid\" value=\"$(mailuserid)\"/>
    <postfield name=\"mail-userid\" value=\"$(mailuserid)\"/>
    <postfield name=\"mail-password\" value=\"$(mailpassword)\"/>
    <postfield name=\"cmd\" value=\"list-folder-messages\"/>
    <postfield name=\"folder\" value=\"INBOX\"/>

Now in another case i try to obtain the same values from url as query string instead of text

for example 

Im able to read the parameters using either XSP or flowscript. But how can the submit be done
using XSP or flowscript?? 

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