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From "Sal Mangano" <>
Subject Preventing session from timing out during search indexing
Date Thu, 05 Aug 2004 19:44:39 GMT
I am using Cocoon 2.1.5 and Tomcat 4.1.3

My site is constructed such that a user must be logged in to access old
content. A protected pipeline is set up using <map:match
type="regexp-session" .../> to control access. This all works fine.

However, when it comes time to build my Lucene search index, trouble begins.
On my dev box the search index can take 1 hour to build. Since the index
involves gaining access to these protected pipelines the session must stay
valid until the indexing is done. I use an xsp to kick off the search
indexing and the relevant part looks like:

      <!--Make sure session does not expire before indexing is finished -->
      <xsp-session:set-max-inactive-interval interval="-1"/>
      <xsp-session:set-attribute name="role">USER
      createIndex(baseURL, create );

As I tail the access.log I can see the index building process is going along
fine on its merry way for a time. The all of a sudden I see all accesses
being redirected to a URL restricted.html which is exactly what will happen
when there is no session or the session timed out.

Why is this not fixed by <xsp-session:set-max-inactive-interval
interval="-1"/> or <xsp-session:set-max-inactive-interval interval="8000"/>?

Any hints or alternate strategies would be appreciated. 


Sal Mangano
Into Technology Inc.

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