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From "birdy" <>
Subject Re: Cocoon and Oracle
Date Fri, 06 Aug 2004 20:23:20 GMT
I think I have been round this loop but with mysql.  As my simple needs
increased so my approach changed.  If you invest the time to learn hibernate you will unlock a powerfull mechanism to be able to access
a database through beans. Once you have a bean you can easly integrate the
bean into Cocoon using XSP's, Flow script, or CForms.  I know this does not
directly answer your question, but the more you invest up front the you will
realise the power of technologies such as Cocoon.

If you don't want to go hibernate for a quick method, look at the SQL
Transformer.  The beauty of hibernate is that it allows you to build 3 tier
applications with clear seperations between database buisness logic and


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From: "Schultz, Gary - COMM" <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, August 06, 2004 9:01 PM
Subject: Cocoon and Oracle

> I know to develop something that will grab data from a table in Oracle and
> display results in a table in a web page. I can go the PHP route and have
> done in a very short period of time. But I would like to start learning
> about and working with Cocoon and databases. Problem is, I can't seem to
> find resources to cover everything I need to learn on Cocoon and
> Where are the best resources to learn about working with Cocoon and
> databases. I've looked at a great deal of documentation, but I don't seem
> find something complete enough to help me get started and I'm having
> difficulty putting different pieces together.
> As I said earlier in this message, I could just use PHP and be done with
> but I would like to give Cocoon a try. I need to get a project done
> relatively soon, and if I can't do it in Cocoon I will be forced to use
> which becomes a set back to learning more about Cocoon.
> Any direction is greatly appreciated.
> Gary T. Schultz
> Web Technical Administrator / GIS Coordinator
> Wisconsin Department of Commerce
> 6th Floor
> P.O. Box 7970
> Madison, WI
> 1-608-266-1283
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