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From "Leonid Chumanov" <>
Subject [CForms] calendar and combobox layer z-order
Date Tue, 17 Aug 2004 09:33:40 GMT
I work with the Cocoon 2.1.4 and Woody forms. There is one small problem
which already became for me persuasive. The dropping out calendar at a
field such as date is made as a layer. And when the field such as date
is beside (above), than a field such as combobox at activation of the
button a calendar the layer with a calendar appears under combobox. It
looks rather ugly and I would not dare to show the customer such
I work in Internet Explorer 6.0 and I do not know, whether there is a
similar problem in other browsers. I think, it is  a mistake in HTML
processing. Setting z-order at a layer does not help even. Combobox
always it appears the uppermost layer. 
As many people use similar technology they for certain faced with a
similar problem. It is interesting to me, as they have solved it. I
meanwhile should have calendars and comboxes on big enough distance from
each other. And I already think altering all comboboxes with use of
layers, having refused from standard.   
Whether somebody can advise me something? 

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