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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject RE: [WIKI] configuration tweaks
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2004 08:25:13 GMT

When I click on the:
the file *does* show up, and I can get or view it...

I was not "aiming" this message at you specfically;
it had your name because you had replied to the previous
message, and indicated you had made all the relevant
changes... so I assumed layout was under your control.
If this is not the case, I apologise - and can you tell me
who would be the right person responsible for the
overall look-and-feel of the site... 


>>> 2004/07/08 10:15:00 AM >>>
Derek Hohls wrote:
> David
> To chip in my 2c; I think the issues that Helen is 
> raising about the cluttered layout are valid - it took
> a while before I realized why - the page title is on 
> the upper right of the page!  This is a somewhat strange
> location... I think that if all the elements on the top 
> were rearranged to follow that of a more "conventional"
> web page (eg. the Cocoon main site!) much of the
> discomfort and clutter would be reduced.
> I attached a sample layout to the page:

Cannot see it. Did you actually add the attachment and link to it? 

>  for your consideration.

Why me? It is everybody's Wiki. I am just trying to help
get the infrastructure set up to enable everyone else to
do the editing and design.

> As Helen said - thanks for all the hard work so far!
> Derek


David Crossley

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