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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: omit namespace declarations
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2004 07:04:24 GMT

please look through the mail archives; this one was
answered just recently!

i guess someone needs to add this to the FAQ in the WIKI?!


>>> 2004/07/08 09:00:36 AM >>>

i am trying to include my own smil-like xml file/template via cinclude

into a xsp page and perform some transformation steps (e.g. replacing 
some tokens) in order to get a valid smil output ...
... everything works fine ...
.... except that the <smil> element in the output smil file contains 
(besides the correct default namespace declaration for SMIL2.0 => 
xmlns="") various additional 
namespace declarations that are not used/necessary for this smil 
document (e.g.: <smil xmlns:xsp="" 
xmlns:xsp-request="" >).

is there a way to exclude these additional (and unused) namespace 
declarations in the output (smil) document (i already tried several 
things like the exclude-result-prefixes attribute for the
element, but nothing seemed to work) ?

is there a way to reorder those namespace declarations (e.g. to <smil 
xmlns:xsp-request="">)  so that the 
default namespace declaration comes first ?

the only way i see to solve the problem is to write a new 
'SMILSerializer' class that extends the built-in XMLSerializer by 
omitting those namespace declarations; i hope there is a better/simpler

way to deal with this problem ....

the problem with those additional namespace declarations is that 
realplayer cannot properly play the (output) smil file (if the default

namespace declaration does not occurr before the first additional 
namespace declarations)

i am using cocoon 2.1.3

thanks for your advice
kind regards

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