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From Gunter D'Hondt <>
Subject Re: woody: 1 form, multipe pages
Date Wed, 28 Jul 2004 09:22:54 GMT
Have you tried using multiple binding definitions (and multiple Binding 
You might also use 1 form and 1 binding but multiple form templates (this 
might make it easier)

Gunter D'Hondt
SOFICO NV Belgium.

"Matthias Pekny" <> 
28/07/2004 11:11
Please respond to


woody: 1 form, multipe pages

I could need some insights on the following problem:

I've got one xml file to store user data (one for each user). The user
should be able to edit the data with forms (woody aka cforms). As the
information is too complex for a single page I want to split the input
process to several pages. The user should move from one page to the next 
at the end the changes are saved in the xml file again. This seems to be
easy, as long as I don't split the page, i.e. a single form for all, but
does not work as expected (at least for me) when I try to use multiple 
and save (bind) all to one xml file.

As I cannot imagine that I'm the first one to try something like this, I
would like to hear some experiences of people who've solved this.

Any pointers are welcome...

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