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From Yves Vindevogel <>
Subject Load Cocoon servers
Date Sun, 04 Jul 2004 22:39:04 GMT
Is there a website where I can find statistics on the number of servers 
you need to run a Cocoon application.
Or somebody who is willing to share his/her information about their 
stress tests ?

I'm making a bid for a webapp.  Completely Cocoon based.
There's a big postgresql database behind it, but the database will only 
be queried from time to time.
Most of the work is done by generating XML out-of that database and 
storing it into Cocoon's folders.
Most files will be around 1000 lines of xml, with about 30 attributes 
in each line, so let's say 30k per file.
Every screen based on a single file like that, should be generated in 
1-3 seconds max.

App is completely running on Slackware, with "personal" configuration, 
that is, no gui, no overhead, just the basics.
Server will be a Compaq DL 380, 1 mb (or 2 when needed) ram, full scsi3 
in raid 5, 3x 320u 72.8 HD.

The only thing I need to know now or estimate, is how many simultanious 
users this thing can pull.
Is there a way to quickly calculate this ?
Or does somebody have a similar setup and willing to tell me what 
beauties he/she has in the server room ?


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