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From "Carlos Duque" <>
Subject RE: Parameters between Action and XSP
Date Tue, 20 Jul 2004 14:47:55 GMT
But my problem is that the name of paramter are dinamically generate.
I don't know in sitemap the name of parameters.
Other solution?

	-----Mensaje original----- 
	De: news en nombre de Andreas Hartmann 
	Enviado el: mar 20/07/2004 15:56 
	Asunto: Re: Parameters between Action and XSP

	Carlos Duque wrote:
	> Hello, I'm developing a application under cocoon. My question is to mark
	> a "best practices" in my work.
	> How I pass parameters between Action and XSP? Which are the best option?
	> I know:
	>     -session
	>     -request.setParameter
	> It's possible with Map returned? with response?
	I would recommend the following:
	public Map act(...) {
	     Map result = new HashMap();
	     result.put("foo", value);
	     return result;
	<map:act type="...">
	   <map:generate type="xsp" src="...">
	     <map:parameter name="foo" value="{foo}"/>
	XSP: String foo = parameters.getParameter(foo);
	This way you have a separation between parameter names in action
	and XSP and see what happens in the sitemap.
	-- Andreas
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