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From Joose Vettenranta <>
Subject Re: Forms and Database storage [was Re: woody and "big" radiobutton list]
Date Fri, 16 Jul 2004 14:52:40 GMT

> Part 1: Forms fields

Thanks derek for detailed sample. The thing I missed was that I can 
give cocoon: -style urls to selection-list.

> Part 2:  Saving to a database
> The move is away from ESQL and Modular DB actions
> to  3rd party database persistence layers.. this is an

I thought that modular db is better than using esql.. But I did not 
know any other way to do these things.

> area new to me, too - a number of folk here are using
> Hibernate BUT there has been very little documentation
> produced (despite numerous pleas from me - see the mail
> archives!!).  Start in the wiki with the various Hibernate

I did not find anything related to hibernate in cocoon 2.1.3, perhaps 
hibernate is still in expiremental feature?

I have to check this Hibernate more closely, it would be very nice to 
have some documentation or even a page "What is hibernate and what is 
it for" would be nice :)

Thank you very many, Joose

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