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From "roy huang" <>
Subject Re: cl:links in cachingURI coplet ?
Date Mon, 05 Jul 2004 08:03:12 GMT
  You mean I can't use cl:link to pass information to a CachingURICoplet?
If so,I must use bookmark to accees a CachingURICoplet or not using CachingURICoplet,is that
That's what make me confused.
  Thanks for replying.
Roy Huang
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From: "Christian Mayrhuber" <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, July 02, 2004 6:01 PM
Subject: Re: cl:links in cachingURI coplet ?

> On Friday 02 July 2004 09:15, roy huang wrote:
> > Hi,Chris:
> >   I change the uri attribute because I change GAlleryViewer from URICoplet
> > to CachingURICoplet,the CachingURICoplet need to change the original
> > attribute.What make me stuffed is CachingURICoplet not URICoplet.Maybe it
> > is a CachingURICoplet's bug.
> >
> > Roy Huang
> The CachingURICoplet has some features that don't make any sense to be used 
> with the Gallery coplet, because the gallery viewer does not know anything 
> about the application-uri temporary attribute.
> You would need an extra coplet like the one accessing woody forms if you want 
> to use the application-uri with the Gallery coplet, it will not though.
> The Gallery coplet works vastly different. It generates its own portal events
> to do inter-coplet communication.
> If you look at gallery.xsl you will notice the line:
> <cl:link path="attributes/picture" value="{picture[position()=$showpicindex]}" 
> coplet="GalleryViewer-1">Push to Viewer</cl:link>
> The above line generates a CopletEvent setting the CopletInstanceData 
> attribute "picture" of the GalleryViewer-1 coplet instance to the selected 
> image.
> The result is that the GalleryViewer-1 displays the image.
> If you change 
> <attribute>
>      <name>uri</name>
>      <value xsi:type="java:java.lang.String"
>         xmlns:xsi="">cocoon:/coplets/html/application</value>

> </attribute>
> the coplet cannot be accessed anymore because it does not refer to the 
> GalleryCoplet. Changing the uri attribute back to the Gallery coplet will 
> make it work again, but the advanced capabilities of the CachingURICoplet 
> will not be used.
> The idea of the CachingURICoplet is a different one. Let's assume you have
> an cocoon application outside of the portal that you want to include, but you 
> don't want to rewrite it to generate coplet events by means of
> <cl:link ..../> and the CopletTransformer. In this case the CachingURICoplet +
> HTMLEventLinkTransformer enables you to write a simple coplet to include your 
> application as coplet.
> If you have a look at http://localhost:8888/docs/developing/portal/forms.html
> you can see that the temporaryAttributes/application-uri attribute is accessed 
> in the sitemap and used to generate the xml.
> Next, this xml is transformed by the HTMLEventLinkTransformer to generate
> <cl:link ...> elements.
> Finally, the CopletTransformer transforms the <cl:link ...> into portal events
> which set the temporaryAttributes/application-uri once a form or hyperlink is 
> clicked.
> -- 
> lg, Chris
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