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From "Sonny Sukumar" <>
Subject Re: map:redirect-to...
Date Tue, 27 Jul 2004 17:14:29 GMT

Hey John,

The test the action is performing is actually to see whether an email 
verification string is the same as what's in the backend database.  In other 
words, somebody clicks a link in her email to complete registration by 
verifying her email address and this action checks the random string in in 
the link (a request param) against what's in the db.  That's all. :-)

But again the weird thing is that it works when I use HTTP redirects, so 
doesn't that make the action moot to discuss?  The action code is actually 
pretty simple and hasn't been changed in a long time, so it *seems* like 
that wouldn't be the problem.

Btw, when you mentioned the action possibly failing, did you mean the test 
it performs failing or did you mean some type of Exception being thrown from 

Thanks again,


>From: "John L. Webber" <>
>Hi Sonny,
>Maybe one of the *real* Cocoon gurus is watching this thread and will jump 
>Do I understand correctly that when you use the internal redirect, only the 
>"test failed" page is shown? That must mean the action failed. I assume you 
>must have combed through the log files - was there anything at all 
>interesting there that explained why the action failed? Otherwise I'm 
>pretty much at a loss to explain what's happening here. What does the 
>action "perform-test" do?
>Sonny Sukumar wrote:
>>That's a good insight and a good question John, though actually the 
>>redirected URIs are *not* in the "secure/" directory.  I did also read 
>>through the Cocoon docs on redirects but couldn't find the reason for the 
>>strange behavior.
>>To quickly summarize again, the behavior is that the *second* redirect 
>>(the one after the action) is *always* executed when using internal 
>>redirects (i.e. with "cocoon:/").  BUT this problem disappears when I use 
>>HTTP redirects.
>>I just don't wanna use HTTP redirects for this. :-/
>>>>I'm having a strange problem with map:redirect-to, where it doesn't seem 
>>>>to work right when I use the cocoon:/ protocol.  Here's my example code:
>>>><map:match pattern="secure/doTest">
>>>>  <map:act type="perform-test">
>>>>    <!-- Test succeeded. -->
>>>>    <map:redirect-to uri="cocoon:/showTestSucceededPage"/>
>>>>  </map:act>
>>>>  <!-- Test failed. -->
>>>>  <map:redirect-to uri="cocoon:/showTestFailedPage"/>
>>>>Even when the test succeeds I see the "showTestFailedPage" when using 
>>>>the cocoon:/ protocol, but everything works fine if I take out the 
>>>>cocoon:/ (to use HTTP redirects).
>>>>I'd really prefer to use internal redirects, so how come it doesn't 
>>>>work?  I might well be missing something.
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