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From "Steve Schwarz" <>
Subject Re: best place to store information : another question
Date Mon, 05 Jul 2004 16:28:45 GMT

You could come up with a script that collected input data on the command 
line from the installing client and have it use XSL to update the sitemap 
for the user. I've done that for XML config files on other projects and 
folks seem to like it. They don't have to hunt through the XML and you can 
do any sanity checking you feel is necessary. But maybe that is overkill for 
your needs.

If you don't need the config data to get Cocoon running...then you could 
collect the data via a form on your initial page and have Cocoon to edit 
it's own sitemap using SourceWritingTransformer  :^)

Just an idea,

>Thanks, I thought about it.
>It would be a solution. My problem is that I don't know if my client would 
>be familiar by changing the parameters in the sitemap.
>Steve Schwarz wrote:
>>Hi Lionel
>>If I understand correctly, I think you can put them in the sitemap 
>>global-variables section. Then the variable assignments are copied along 
>>with the sitemap at installation. From the default sitemap:
>>    <global-variables>
>>       <!--+
>>           | Define global parameters here:
>>           |   <skin>my_skin</skin>
>>           |   ...
>>           | You can access them by {global:*name*}, e.g. {global:skin}.
>>           | These values are inherited into sub-sitemaps and can
>>           | be extended there.
>>           +-->
>>    </global-variables>
>>You can then access the global variables via the global input module.
>>Hope this helps,
>>>Another question :
>>>If I want to set some parameters, is there a place.
>>>These parameter have to be set before the application starts.
>>>by now, I put them into the web.xml but I'm not sure this is for the 
>>>best. I always forget each time I install the application.

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