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From "Niels van Kampenhout" <>
Subject RE: XML schema and XForms
Date Thu, 01 Jul 2004 08:14:12 GMT
Hello Nina,

Unfortunately I do not know anything about XForms. As far as I know it is not related to CForms.

However at Hippo we have made several websites that make extensive use of CForms, where the
form definitions, templates and binding definitions are being generated on the fly from an
XML schema, using three XSLs. These XSLs expect the schema to have a certain structure, so
the schemas are made with the form, that is being generated from them, in mind. The most difficult
part of writing these XSLs is coping with the fact that schemas have an implicit structure
(with references to elements).

The result of this effort is that adding forms to your websites becomes very easy. In one
case we have our customer deliver a new schema to us, and we can update the form on the website
with virtually no work!

If you are interested I can make these XSLs available as an example, although at this point
I do not consider them to be an example of very clear XSL programming ;)

Niels van Kampenhout

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Nina Juliadotter []
> Posted At: Thursday, July 01, 2004 6:44 AM
> Posted To: Cocoon User List
> Conversation: XML schema and XForms
> Subject: XML schema and XForms
> Hi all,
> I'm about to start a project where I generate a web form 
> (could be HTML, XHTML or
> WML) from an XML schema, transformed by an XSLT file. 
> Obvously, Cocoon is an ideal
> platform for this. Has anybody else used Cocoon for this 
> before and care to share
> their expericences?
> I'm also looking at transforming the schema to XForms 
> somehow, as that's suppose to
> be the new web forms standard. Is CForms is in fact an 
> implementation of XForms? The
> W3C page says that Cocoon's 
> XMLForm is an
> implementation of XForms, but that is deprecated and refers 
> to JXForms as the
> implementation of XForms. So what's the difference between 
> CForms and JXForms?
> CForms seem to be much more used, by looking at the postings 
> to the mailinglist.
> So it boils down to 2 questions:
> 1. Is CForms an implementation of XForms and how does it 
> differ from JXForms? Any
> recommendations which to use, from those with experience of 
> these forms frameworks?
> 2. Has anybody used XSLT in Cocoon to transform a XML schema 
> to an XForms form or
> XHTML/WML form and care to share their experiences?
> Cheers,
> Nina

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