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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: Session timeouts
Date Wed, 07 Jul 2004 06:28:35 GMT
That is a funny way to put it. Cocoon doesn't provide anything regarding 
session listeners nor does it prevent you from doing so. In fact, it 
is  extremely easy.  I created a single "SessionData" class that is nothing 
more than a container for all my other session-based objects. This class 
registers itself as an HttpSessionListener.  When a timeout occurs it calls 
methods in the objects registered with it so that they can clean 
up.  Cocoon doesn't require any cleaning up so it isn't a problem.

You said below, "I would have expected coccon to make use of the 
sessionDestroyed method on this object". What object are you referring 
to?  AFAIK, all Cocoon requires is that it's Session-based objects be 
deleted at Session termination - which the container takes care of 


At 7/6/2004  08:54 AM, you wrote:

>But it is important to be able to take control when a session expires,
>so you can free up any resources in use (such as a database
>The interface HttpSessionListener is available for objects to
>receive notification of session binding and unbinding.
>I would have expected coccon to make use of the sessionDestroyed
>method on this object to be able to pass control at session
>termination, but I cannot find any reference in the source code to
>HttpSessionListener so I conclude that it does not allow this.

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