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From Peter Velychko <>
Subject CForms - binding map to repeater (urgent)
Date Wed, 07 Jul 2004 15:22:15 GMT
Hello users,

I have a problem with binding JavaBean with the property as
java.util.Map to repeater.

Java class looks like the following:
public class TestClass {
    private java.util.Map pgroupLangs;

    public java.util.Map getPgroupLangs() {
        return this.pgroupLangs;

    public void setPgroupLangs(java.util.Map _pgroupLangs) {
        this.pgroupLangs = _pgroupLangs;

I have a bind file:
<fb:context xmlns:fb=""
                        path="." >      
        <fb:value id="id" path="id"/>
        <fb:value id="colour" path="colour"/>
        <fb:repeater id="pgroupLangs" parent-path="pgroupLangs" row-path="*">
                        <fb:value id="lang" path="@name"/>
                        <fb:value id="lang" path="@name"/>
                        <fb:value id="caption" path="caption"/>

But "null" is returned for "lang" widget on loading (from log
messages). As I see the "@name" isn't processed by CForms though
JXPath understand the attribute "@name" (from documentation).

Is any way to process Map with repeater?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,
Peter Velychko                

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