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From Ugo Cei <>
Subject Re: Linotype in 2.1.5
Date Tue, 06 Jul 2004 08:34:44 GMT
Il giorno 06/lug/04, alle 06:13, Antonio Gallardo ha scritto:

> Lincoln Mitchell dijo:
>> Anyone now what is happening with Linotype and 2.1.5?

Unfortunately, the problem is not just the IE incompatibility. 
Linotype, as distributed, needs serious work before being considered 
usable. I started working on it and a heavily refactored version of it 
is hosting my blog (see the URL in the signature). Since I wasn't 
satisfied with that, I started refactoring it once again, but I'm not 
using the new version yet (basically because I changed the storage 
format and I am too lazy to convert all the old entries). The latest 
version relies on a WebDAV server for storage (the Slide servlet 
distributed with Cocoon is OK). This is probably overkill for a simple 
weblog, but I wanted to experiment with WebDAV, so there it is. If 
someone wants to have aa look, I can send her/him an archive.

Re the license: The Linotype source code is covered by the ASL 2.0, as 
all the rest of Cocoon. I think the Creative Commons License refers to 
the contents of the weblog's items. If you want to publish your weblog 
under a different license or put it in the public domain, you're free 
to do it.


Ugo Cei -

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