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From Scott Yeadon <>
Subject Re: forms documentation
Date Thu, 29 Jul 2004 00:43:37 GMT
Hi Phil,

Java API at:

Other than that only the cocoon site and wiki (which varies in 
usefulness from in-depth reference to "coming soon"), which I find 
pretty scattered and of narrow scope. There was a Cocoon Developer's 
Handbook (Moczar & Aston, published by Sams as part of the Developer's 
Library) - it's out of date (pre-CForms), but still OK from a conceptual 
perspective. It also approaches learning cocoon from a project 
perspective (i.e. here's a project, how do we use cocoon to build it) so 
is far better organised than what's available on-line or other 
publications I've seen. It won't explain class dependencies or all 
aspects of how the cocoon framework hangs together.

Also I found CForms still very limited when it comes to complex and more 
dynamic forms and not all interface components and events are 
implemented, so you may find yourself jumping hoops to do some things 
you would have hoped were simpler! We're looking at avoiding JavaScript 
altogether with very limited flowscript so can't help you on that score.


Phil Snowdon wrote:

>I'm putting together a large project that uses the cocoon forms
>with a significant amount of flowscript.  Is there any
>documentation for the Java/Javasctipt API?
>I've gone through all the samples, and also gone through the
>source code, but there isn't anything as to why certain parts do
>certain things.
>Any pointers would be appreciated.  Apart from that cocoon seems
>to provide most of the required framework for our problem. 
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