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From Jan Hoskens>
Subject Re: Problem using an External Javascript file (My FIRST question ... so I hope someone can help !)
Date Wed, 28 Jul 2004 12:47:37 GMT

>> However, when I replace it with an external file, containing EXACTLY
>> the same details, Cocoon cannot find it (despite the inclusion of the
>> reader below).
A small remark: (hope u don't mind if I drop in)
If cocoon does not find the file, there should be a logging (sitemap.log 
or so) where you can find the uri that's being handled and where the 
sitemap matches, so you can find there why the file doesn't appear.
When the scripttag does appear at the browser but the script isn't 
loaded, try to load the script by typing the url in your browser, you'll 
be getting the file or an error (then again look in your sitemap.log 
where the sitemap matches.

Hope this helps a bit,

Kind regards,

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