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From taabpr <>
Subject Any convenient way to embed external pages?
Date Wed, 28 Jul 2004 10:54:52 GMT
Hi all,
It is a little bit connected with my previous mail (html generator with 
'post'), but much general question.
I have to embed some external content into existing page (a portlet) - 
to be more complex: they are forms with images.
So what I imaging is:
in sitemap:
        <map:match pattern="integratedata/*">
            <map:call resource="http://external_location/{1}" />

So it takes care of all requests, + GET + POST.
Unfortunately it doesn't work with map:call.

My current solution is:

        <map:match pattern="integratedata/data*">
            <map:generate type="html" 
            <map:serialize type="html"/>

     <map:match pattern="integratedata/*.gif">
                <map:read mime-type="images/gif" 

1. I've to use GET method. How to move to POST?
2. Diferent matchers for different content.
3. When source changes I have to adjust to it (new reader, etc)

The first drawback could be really problem when form sends too much data 
- GET has limited uri.

Is there any way to simply achieve this? Any block?

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