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From Patrick Verboom <>
Subject using jython/python for cocoon cform flow
Date Thu, 22 Jul 2004 07:30:24 GMT

I am not a big fan of JavaScript but I am of python. So I would like to 
use jython/python instead of JavaScript.
Is there any documentation of how to do this? Some examples maybe?

Or can someone give me some answers on the hand of a small example here.
The following example is in JavaScript


function showShoppingCart() {
    var form = new Form("shoppingcart.xml");
    var wid = form.getWidget();
    //accessing the repeater to set the values
    wid.cart[0].Stk.value = "1";
    wid.cart[0].Title.value =  "a title";
    wid.cart[1].Stk.value =  "2";
    wid.cart[1].Title.value =  "a second title";
    wid.buttonName = "Order";

    // showForm() repeatedly sends the form to the browser and doesn't 
return until validation is complete.

How would you rewrite this to jython/python? What module do I need to 
load? How can i create a Form and set the values in the repeater? how do 
i show the form? etc. questions over question :-)

Does someone have any experience in using jython as a flow script?

Thanks in advance for the help
Patrick Verboom

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