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From Ugo Cei <>
Subject Re: Forms and Database storage [was Re: woody and "big" radiobutton list]
Date Fri, 16 Jul 2004 15:27:08 GMT
Joose Vettenranta wrote:
> I did not find anything related to hibernate in cocoon 2.1.3, perhaps 
> hibernate is still in expiremental feature?

First: there's a licensing problem so, unless the ASF decides that 
distributing (L)GPL code is OK, you won't find code that depends on 
Hibernate in the Cocoon repository for the foreseeable future.

Second: even if it wasn't for the licensing problems, it's not that you 
can expect Cocoon to integrate every database access technology under 
the sun. Hibernate is just a Java library, so there's nothing stopping 
you from using it from whatever Cocoon component you like.

However, it seems that someone has already done something for you. You 
can find a Cocoon application that uses Hibernate here:

And if you happen to dislike Hibernate and would prefer OJB instead, 
there's a OJB block in the latest Cocoon release (2.1.5).

I think you have plenty of examples to look at.

> I have to check this Hibernate more closely, it would be very nice to 
> have some documentation or even a page "What is hibernate and what is it 
> for" would be nice :)

Ever tried Google?


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