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From Russell Geraghty <>
Subject Re: Printing pages from Cocoon-like sites
Date Tue, 13 Jul 2004 19:24:52 GMT
Derek Hohls wrote:

>I assume that a number of the sites that have
>a Cocoon "look and feel" are created the same
>way (- Forrest?).  It has always "bugged" me 
>that, when visiting these sites, I cannot just click 
>on the print button on my browser and create a 
>well-laid out page directly on my printer.
>I know there is a mechanism to create "printable
>versions" of pages, using PDF.  Despite the fact 
>that PDF is fairly widely used, not everyone buys 
>in to it, and it is not always the most appropriate.
>I do feel that Cocoon, whose major use has been 
>as a web-publishing framework, should allow for 
>better printing facilities. In practice, its not hard to 
>achieve, if we ditch the clunky use of tables for the 
>layout and move to a stylesheet-based approach.
>I was wondering if there were any plans to do
>this in the near future?
>(yes, I know this is open-source and stuff only
>happens if someone volunteers... would this be
>an appropriate area that needs some time invested?)
I would be happy to have a look at the layout of the cocoon pages, if 
that is desired. I've been working for a year or so now with some 
stylesheets which allow even text browsers to have a good quality page 
layout along with a decent printable version of pages (never could get 
my users to use the PDF button  ;-) ), the pages work in IE, Mozilla, 
Firefox and Opera, not tried with a speech browser, but I think they 
ought to work.

Not sure who 'owns' the current layout however, but if a vounteer is 
desired let me know.

Russell Geraghty

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