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From Joel McConaughy <>
Subject esql:get-xml default namespace?
Date Fri, 09 Jul 2004 17:05:33 GMT
I am using the tag <esql:get-xml column="otherxml"/> to retrieve xml 
from a database column.  Using a view, I can see the output from this 
step in the pipeline and it looks fine.  However, when I try to access 
the returned xml from a stylesheet later on in the pipeline, it doesn't 
find it.  I believe I have a namespace problem but I haven't been able 
to figure it out.  I've tried the following:

1.  Put surrounding tag into a specified namesapce:
<outer xmlns:dw="displayware:ns">
  <esql:get-xml column="otherxml"/>

2.  namespace qualify the generated root element:
<outer xmlns:dw="displayware:ns">
  <esql:get-xml column="otherxml" root="dw:frag"/>

Help would be greatly appreciated.  I've been flailing on this for 2 
days now.  Thanks.


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