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From Bhaskar Rathod <>
Subject caching requests and pagination
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2004 22:08:29 GMT
I am fairly new to cocoon.

I am working on a web application where, based on the request 
parameters, I am generating output dynamically. I am using Paginator to 
send this output page-by-page. For each page, I use xslt transformation 
to generate proper html.

The flow is as follows:
A:---> generate: myXSP using params;
B:---> transform: paginate using pagesheet;
C:---> transform using some beautification xsl
D:---> serialize

here's the problem(s) I am facing:
I need to reuse the client's request params while paginating. But I 
noticed that when the user wants next page, it essentially re-enters the 
pipeline at Z. by this time, the initial request params are vaporized. I 
am using [post] requests. So I can not just append request params in 
page links in my beautification xsl. That may do the trick with [get] 
requests. (or can I through sitemap?)

Also, the solution has to be more on the lines of cached output as it is 
not prudent in my case to rerun the whole output generation for each 
page requests (and then throwing away a large chunk). Is writing out the 
results on a disk file and parsing it through an xsl a good way of doing 
it? (instead of using paginator?)

I would appreciate any suggestions.

Bhaskar Rathod
Bhaskar R. Rathod | Grad Student

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