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From Michael Wechner <>
Subject Re: Lenya / Lynotype / webdav
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2004 09:20:57 GMT
Derek Hohls wrote:

>This looks v. interesting; are there any plans to include
>this in a future release of Lenya ie. is there a reason 
>why the project has to use the BXE/Mozile0.5 as opposed
>to the newer 0.6 version...?

BXE is not really part of Lenya, but rather an OSCOM project at

Lenya has the interfaces (sitemaps: src/webapp/lenya/usecase.xmap) in 
order to open and save documents.

The same of course can be done with Mozile directly, but adding an addtional
pipeline for Mozile.

It would be nice if the editors would all use the same "interface", e.g. 
WebDAV such that Lenya would have to support only this, but they all 
have little differences unfortunately.

Well, another topic for an OSCOM hackathon ;-)



>>>> 2004/07/07 01:36:46 PM >>>
>Another alternative for within browser content editing is Mozile, the
>Mozilla Inline Editor. The first link provides general information on
>Mozile, the second link provides information on the latest version. 
>Mozile web at Mozdev: 
>Latest release, 0.6.13, web page:
>We are planning to use Mozile for a situation in which support staff
>field offices will be updating information in a table that is contained
>an element in a XML file. Outside customers will receive the entire
>output as XHTML published through Cocoon. 
>Lenya contains BXE which is based on an older version of Mozile, I
>version 0.5.x. The 0.6.1x releases are significantly different than the
>Hope this helps. Mozile is a great tool with great potential.
>Gary T. Schultz 
>Web Technical Administrator / GIS Coordinator 
>Wisconsin Department of Commerce 
>6th Floor 
>P.O. Box 7970 
>Madison, WI 
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Lincoln Mitchell [] 
>Sent: Tuesday, July 06, 2004 8:19 PM
>Subject: Lenya / Lynotype / webdav
>There seems to be a few options regarding editing content in a browser
>within Cocoon. 
>1. I started out looking at cocoon forms 
>2. Then I found out about Linotype and did some work in this, but have
>heard it is a bit unstable and need more work
>3. Am now thinking that I should be using Lenya 
>What I have is one xml/XHTML document containing all content for a
>all pages are generated from that via cocoon. Ideally I would like to
>the user to edit this file via the browser. I don't want to be stumped
>setting up a complex CMS system although if Lenya is THE Cocoon CMS
>then I would be interested to find out if I can just use a small part
>of it
>to achieve my objective.
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Michael Wechner
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