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From Lionel Crine <>
Subject Re: best place to store information : another question
Date Tue, 06 Jul 2004 07:58:51 GMT

I think that your solution is a little bit too much. I'm not keen on 
modifying dynamically the sitemap.

Moreover, these parameters are necessary to my custom components. I 
don't want to pass the parameters each times I call them in the sitemap.
But, maybe I can access the global sitemap parameters from Java.

I think I'll look into the sessiontransformer.

by now, I collected the information from a form and store them into the 
session object. But I have some trouble when people connect to the 
application with different profile.


Steve Schwarz wrote:

> Lionel,
> You could come up with a script that collected input data on the command 
> line from the installing client and have it use XSL to update the 
> sitemap for the user. I've done that for XML config files on other 
> projects and folks seem to like it. They don't have to hunt through the 
> XML and you can do any sanity checking you feel is necessary. But maybe 
> that is overkill for your needs.
> If you don't need the config data to get Cocoon running...then you could 
> collect the data via a form on your initial page and have Cocoon to edit 
> it's own sitemap using SourceWritingTransformer  :^)
> Just an idea,
> Steve
>> Thanks, I thought about it.
>> It would be a solution. My problem is that I don't know if my client 
>> would be familiar by changing the parameters in the sitemap.
>> Steve Schwarz wrote:
>>> Hi Lionel
>>> If I understand correctly, I think you can put them in the sitemap 
>>> global-variables section. Then the variable assignments are copied 
>>> along with the sitemap at installation. From the default sitemap:
>>>    <global-variables>
>>>       <!--+
>>>           | Define global parameters here:
>>>           |   <skin>my_skin</skin>
>>>           |   ...
>>>           | You can access them by {global:*name*}, e.g. {global:skin}.
>>>           | These values are inherited into sub-sitemaps and can
>>>           | be extended there.
>>>           +-->
>>>    </global-variables>
>>> You can then access the global variables via the global input module.
>>> Hope this helps,
>>> Steve
>>>> Another question :
>>>> If I want to set some parameters, is there a place.
>>>> These parameter have to be set before the application starts.
>>>> by now, I put them into the web.xml but I'm not sure this is for the 
>>>> best. I always forget each time I install the application.
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