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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Trouble referencing buttons
Date Fri, 02 Jul 2004 23:43:56 GMT
On 02.07.2004 21:40, Anton Andreev wrote:

> I have an xsl sheet tied to xml by pipeline.  The
> trouble that i'm having is i can't reference buttons
> in xsl inside the flow to get them to do different
> things on click. For example, one button on click
> event should add items to xml and other one delete
> them using functions in flow tied to pipelines.  All
> the examples with flow i looked have only one button
> and do not reference it anywhere at all.  If somebody
> would give me an example with code that would use
> couple of different buttons (in the same xsl sheet)
> referenced/tied somehow to some function in flow
> script, that would exactly answer my question.  Or
> maybe there is something that i'm missing and there is
> completely different way of doing it?

It's hard to understand what you want. I guess it has nothing to do with 
XSL at all.

Your question is about cforms? You have more than one button in it? And 
you want to do different actions on it server side? But you don't know 
*which* button was pressed?

Have you looked at the cforms binding samples. At least one of them has 
a repeater and is bound to XML. There you can see how elements can be 
added and deleted.


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