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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: [cforms] Editing existing list of uploads
Date Thu, 01 Jul 2004 22:09:22 GMT
On 01.07.2004 09:05, g[R]eK wrote:

>>>  Question is:
>>>  Why upload widget doesn't have setValue method, and if it's justified how can
>>>  I solve my problem?
> JH> What for do you need setValue()? IMO it makes no sense, where do you 
> JH> want to know from server side at what place the file is stored client 
> JH> side? But maybe I'm missing only a piece.
> The best solution would be load state of form that was before user submited it.

Of course.

> I mean state of all widgets (including uploads).

But as I said IMO for uploads this makes no sense.

> It's quite simple because form
> behaves almost it's used for the first time for uploading. Upload widgets show
> files upload, there is button (looks like [..]) that enables user to do new
> upload. When user hit submit, all I have to do is just map widgets from repater
> to database (including data from upload widget).
> But lack of setValue method breaks down my dream :-(

Hmm, okay, ayou can raise this issue of course on the developers list 
(or tomorrow in IRC, it's First Friday, and many people will be there). 
Maybe other people think of it as an useful addition too.


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