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From "Stephanie Zohner" <>
Subject How to view plain text files in IE 6
Date Fri, 16 Jul 2004 15:13:31 GMT

I want to display plain text files (log files) with cocoon (on a WIndows XP
Since I need no transformations I decided not to use Chaperon, but (only)
the resource reader. 

<map:match pattern="**/*.log">
   <map:read type="resource" src="Z:/{1}/{2}.log" mime-type="text/txt"/>

This, however, does not work in IE 6 (but in Mozilla 1.7). In IE 6 a new
Editor (!!) window is opened and an Error Message pops up, saying:

"file C:\Documents and Settings\<user-name>\Local Settings\Temporary
Internet Files\Content.IE5\<session id>\<myfile>[1].log can not be found.

Do you want to open a new file instead?  (Yes|No|Cancel)"

I also tried to use the text generator

<map:match pattern="**/*.log">
	<map:generate type="text" src="Z:/{1}/{2}.log"/>
	<map:serialize type="text"/>

This has worked for quite a long time (several months) but now I get the
same error as with the first method.

In Mozilla no editor window is opened but the file is just loaded into the
existing browser window and everything works fine. 

I have already spend a lot of time on this problem (playing around with mime
types, differnt kind of serializers,...)

Who out here knows the solution??? Please tell,



P.S.: Using an HTML Serialier instead of the text Serializer is no option
because all breaks and line feeds get lost when doing this.

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