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From Timur Izhbulatov <>
Subject Re: Cforms, Binding & Cross-Referenced data
Date Wed, 28 Jul 2004 10:55:33 GMT
Ben Pope писал(а): 

Try the following approach. 

In sitemap you use xinclude transformer. Each room element contains
<xi:include href="#xpointer(some_XPath)"/> elements.
     <room id="0">
     <room id="1">

Form and binding may be like this (I don't if it works):
<fd:repeater id="people">
      <fd:output id="id">
        <fd:datatype base="long"/>
      <fd:output id="href">
        <fd:datatype base="string"/>
      <fd:booleanfield id="select">

  <fd:repeater-action id="addperson" action-command="add-row"

  <fd:repeater-action id="removeperson" action-command="delete-rows"
repeater="contacts" select="select">

          path="/project/rooms/room[1]" >
<fb:repeater id="people"

    <fb:value id="id" path="@id">
      <fd:convertor datatype="long" />

      <fb:value id="href" path="@href" />

    <fb:delete-node />

      <xi:xinclude id="" href=""/>


> Hi,  
> I don't seem to be able to get my head around binding cross-referenced data
> - the example below will be clearer than I can explain it in words:  
> Say I want to store some information about who is in what room, I might have
> a data file that looks like this:  
> <project>
>    <people>
>       <person id="0">
>          <name>Me</name>
>          <mentalAge>9</mentalAge>
>       </person>
>       <person id="1">
>          <name>You</name>
>       </person>
>       <person id="2">
>          <name>Him</name>
>       </person>
>    </people>
>    <rooms>
>       <room id="0">
>          <name>Lounge</name>
>          <person idref="0"/>
>          <person idref="1"/>
>       </room>
>       <room id="1">
>           <name>Kitchen</name>
>           <person idref="2"/>
>       </room>
>    </rooms>
> </project>  
> Now each room has a person reference that references the person id.  So
> "You" and "Me" are in the Lounge and "Him" is in the Kitchen (hopefully
> making some food 'cos this is making me hungry!).  
> I'd like to do this:  
> http://localhost/cocoon/rooms/room?room=0  
> And be able to get back a form with a repeater over all the people in that
> room.  
> The definition for said form might look like this:  
> <?xml version="1.0"?>
> <fd:form xmlns:fd="">
>    <fd:widgets>
>       <fd:field id="roomName" required="true"/>
>       <fd:repeater id="people">
>          <fd:widgets>
>             <fd:field id="personName" required="true"/>
>             <fd:booleanfield id="select"/>
>          </fd:widgets>
>       </fd:repeater>
>       <fd:repeater-action id="addPerson" repeater="people"
> action-command="add-row"/>
>       <fd:repeater-action id="removePeople" repeater="people"
> action-command="delete-rows" select="select"/>
>    </fd:widgets>
> </fd:form>  
> So I would like to be able to add and remove people from a particular room -
> it's safe to assume that the person already exists, so I wouldn't be adding
> a people/person at any time, only a room/person.  But I would like to be
> able to manipulate their name.  
> I can't establish what the binding file would look like given the above data
> file with the cross-referencing.  
> Should I be running an XSLT over the data so that for room 0 I end up with:
> <room id="0">
>    <name>Lounge</name>
>    <person id="0">
>       <name>Me</name>
>    </person>
>    <person id="1">
>       <name>You</name>
>    </person>
> </room>  
> Which would be much easier (with my mind, at least) to create a binding file
> for.  
> If so... How do I fit that back into the old data file, retaining the
> room/person idrefs and updating the people/person elements?  
> Or can it be done "in place"?  
> This is all a new paradigm of thinking for me, I clearly haven't had that
> click moment, if I keep plugging at it and seeing the solutions to my
> problems it will click, I know it.  
> Any help is much appreciated.  
> Ben  
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