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From Alan <>
Subject Re: CForms: Books and Authors
Date Mon, 19 Jul 2004 14:43:42 GMT
* Joerg Heinicke <> [2004-07-19 06:58]:
> On 15.07.2004 21:56, Alan wrote:
> >    I'm using Cocoon + Hibernate to good effect. The standard
> >    controls are very impressive.
> >
> >    How does one handle the books and authors problem in CForms? The
> >    problem is that you are adding a book to a database and you want
> >    to choose from an existing list of authors, adding an author if
> >    she is not already there.
> >    
> >    For a couple days you can use a drop down control to choose the
> >    author, but eventually the list of authors is so large, it
> >    requires real navigation, tabular display, and search.
> >
> >    How is this best handled in CFroms? My thoughts:
> >
> >    * In flow, sendPageAndWait for the form, if an add author or
> >      find author submit button is clicked, start doing
> >      sendPageAndWait author find or edit pages. 
> >
> >    * Use XMLHttpRequest to ask for XHTML pages that search and edit
> >      authors from the server. Display the pages inline. Edit a new
> >      author inline.
> >
> >    * Use an IFrame to display the pages that search and edit
> >      authors. The IFrame updates the parent page.
> >
> >    I may be getting ahead of myself, such a widget my already
> >    exist, but if it doesn't let me know. I'll write it with
> >    community input.
> You have continuations on server side, so it's easy to preserve the 
> state there, no need to do it on client side. So there is no native 
> support for it, creating a wizard for the above should not be that 
> complicated.
    It does seem a bit complicated, actually.
    Choose an author:
        I'd like to have a table of authors, showing 10, 50 or 100,
        at a time, with the letters of the alphabet linked to jump
        forward into the list of authors, and a search by example
        form, one that might be displayed as a result of a clicking
        yet another link.

    I'd like to keep the navigation links GET requests. Is it
    possible to fire a continuation using a GET request? Seems like
    it is just a matter of putting the continuation id in the URI. 

    It would mean creating a Wizzardy interface, where choosing, or
    adding an author is a separate set of screens, but that fits
    with my UI philosophy. I had in mind the book title field and
    the choose author widget on the same page, but if you split the
    steps out then it is easier to use continuations.

Thank you.

Alan / /

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