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From Tina Gey <>
Subject Re: FOPSerializer
Date Wed, 14 Jul 2004 20:15:08 GMT
Hey, thanks for your quick answer.

Perhaps I did not explain correctly. Even if I have no
pipeline where I use the fo2pdf serializer or any
fo-file, I get that fault anyway. It just occurs
everytime I try to integrate that FOPSerializer Class.

I tried to find out, what this fault means and...
It's the same fault that I get, if I misspell another
serializer such as TexSerializer instead of
TextSerializer. But again and again I checked my
spelling. So consequently I think cocoon just does not
find the class, don't know the reason.

So my question is. Where does cocoon get that class
from. I know scr=
org.apache.cocoon.serialization.FOPSerializer but
thats the same path used by all the other serializer
which successfully work.

I really don't know what this could be. Perhaps that
class has to be integrated in my applikation


"J.Pietschmann" <> schrieb: > Tina
Gey wrote:
> > But trying to do a request of any kind I get the
> same
> > error: 
> > message: null
> > ...
> > cause:
> org.apache.cocoon.serialization.FOPSerializer
> The most likely reason is that your XSL
> transformation produces
> an unacceptable (more or less invalid) FO document.
> Debugging hints:
> - Replace the PDF serializer in your pipeline with
> an XML
> serializer and save the transformation result to
> disk.
> - Examine the saved FO document, the problem might
> be obvious.
>   otherwise:
> - Get the FOP distribution.
> - Run the saved FO trhoutgh the FOP command line,
> using the -d
>   flag.
> In general, it has advantages to develop
> transformations outside
> of Cocoon until they are reasonably stable.
> J.Pietschmann
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