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From Oscar Picasso <>
Subject Cinclude with side effects
Date Wed, 14 Jul 2004 12:57:29 GMT

I am using cinclude that have side effects (like updating the file system or a
database) and would like to know in which order are fired the different events.

Suppose we have:

<map:generate src="cocoon:/base"/>
<map:transform type="cinclude"/>
<map:transform type="another-tranformation"/>"

In 'base' we have:
<cinclude:cinclude src="cocoon:/first" .../>
<cinclude:cinclude src="cocoon:/second" .../>

In 'first' we have: 
<cinclude:cinclude src="cocoon:/first-in-first" .../>
<cinclude:cinclude src="cocoon:/second-in-first" .../>

In 'second' we have: 
<cinclude:cinclude src="cocoon:/first-in-second" .../>
<cinclude:cinclude src="cocoon:/second-in-second" .../>

I tend to think that the execution order is:

- start base
- start first
- start first-in-first 
- end first-in-first 
- start second-in-first 
- end second-in-first

- start second (and/or 'another-transformation' of first ??? maybe it has
already started ???) 

- start first-in-second 
- end first-in-second 
- start second-in-second 
- end second-in-second

- 'another-transformation' of second ??? 


- end base

Can anyone correct me?

Is it safe to assume that:
- 'second' can only start after 'first' has completed.
- 'first' has completed after 'first-in-first' and 'second-in-first' have
- we cannot assume at which point in time, related to the 'second' cinclude,
starts 'another-transformation' of first.

I am interested in the timing of the events, not the order of the elements in
the resulting output..



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