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From Oscar Picasso <>
Subject Re: Resolving ftp sources
Date Mon, 12 Jul 2004 16:32:01 GMT
> Tee hee. You should have been able to do that by specifying a serializer 
> for the SourceWritingTransformer to have used.

That was my first idea. However in my case the SourceWritingTransformer has
features that I don't need, and lacks features that I need.
So the parsed xml elements are not the same.

For example I have <source>some-source-url</source> and

> Hmm. Basically, the URLSource can handle FTP, but not writable. So, you 
> need to add something like:
>     <component-instance 
> class="org.apache.excalibur.source.impl.FTPSourceFactory" name="ftp"/>
> into your cocoon.xconf, before the similar definition of the URLSource, 
> which has name="*"
> Does that make sense?

It makes a lot of sense. I am now able to get a FTPSource. I get however a
" Not logged in".

It sounds like it's a user/password problem. But I have not been able to find
out how to set them. I have tried many things like:

SourceParameters params = new SourceParameters();
params.setParameter("user", "anonymous");
params.setParameter("password", "");
Map map = new HashMap();
map.put(SourceResolver.URI_PARAMETERS, params);
targetSrc = resolver.resolveURI("/pub/all/binary-file", "ftp://myftp-server",

and many other things. But I get always the same Exception.

Any idea?

Thanks for your input.

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