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From Joose Vettenranta <>
Subject cforms (woody) and common fields in lists
Date Sat, 17 Jul 2004 11:04:45 GMT
Hi again =)

CForms (woody) seems very nice, but didn't find away to do this:

line 1: {label 1} {radio name="g1" value="1"} {radio name="g2" 
line 2: {label 2} {radio name="g1" value="2"} {radio name="g2" 
line 3: {label 3} {radio name="g1" value="3"} {radio name="g2" 

or does that require some modification in the cforms itself?

it seems to possible to do it like this:
line 1: {label 1} {radio name="g1" value="1"} {radio name="g1" 
line 2: {label 2} {radio name="g2" value="1"} {radio name="g2" 
line 3: {label 3} {radio name="g3" value="1"} {radio name="g3" 

but that is not doing the same thing.

Basicly, what I trying to find out, how to do "matrix" in cforms in the 
sence of:

labels	option1	option2	option3	...
label 1	{radio1}	{radio2}	{radio3}	...
label 2	{radio1}	{radio2}	{radio3}	...

(this is table, using tab between cells.. first row is "heading" and 
first column is labels. rest is radiobuttons)

and of course validationg that in some way =)

Currently using cocoon 2.1.3. but upgrading soon..

Thanks, Joose

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