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From Philippe Guillard <>
Subject portal-many subdomains-vhosts
Date Wed, 28 Jul 2004 06:50:41 GMT
Hi all,

Hope somebody can give me hints/suggestions on this :

I plan to have many categories as subdomains, i need:
(abstracting all the virtual hosting or apache http mod_rewrite stuff)

I use portal engine, coplets/profiles/users/roles are similar, but with
data relevant to the right category, say like Yahoo groups. I've found 2
ways to render this :

- use automount to mount as many sitemaps/folders as i have categories
and implement maybe as many portals in cocoon.xconf...I think this will
be far too heavy.
- from now i used redirects :

in samples/blocks/portal/stemap.xmap:

<map:match pattern="cat/*/**">     
<map:act type="session-propagator">
    <map:parameter name="cat" value="{1}"/>
<map:redirect-to uri="cocoon:/{2}" session="yes"/>

<map:match pattern="portal">  
<!-- all is the same here -->

and use session parameter "cat" to feed my coplets with relevant data

That way i can launch 
and stay artificially in the respective folder.

Not clean isn't it?
Problems are :
- Performance, not optimal for caching, i have many redirections... 
- I can't pass from category1 to category2 from URI part of the browser,
since cachingURI coplets need an event to refresh
- When the user logs in, i have new session object, i bypassed this by
putting the session parameter as hidden field in the login form and then
put it again in the session...I plan an action extracting the category
from requestURI and making it available to the pipeline. 

Any idea how to do this better? 



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