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From David Crossley <>
Subject RE: [WIKI] configuration tweaks
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2004 01:28:47 GMT wrote:
> Guys,
> before I make any suggestions I'd like to express my thanks for all the hard
> work.

Thanks to you too for the constructive comments.

> I prefer the current setup of the header to the previous one, although I
> find the frontpage very 'busy', i.e. there are lots of elements.

We could try to put the breadcrumb trail at the bottom
to reduce clutter.

> I would suggest the following:
> - remove the box around the Cocoon logo and the text next to it (i.e. <table
> border="0">).

That would just leave big whitespace next to the logo.
With that panel, i was trying to emulate the Excalibur
Wiki and get some consistency for all Apache Wikis.

Anyway, feel free to dive in and edit. People will hopefully
say something if they do not like the changes.

> - make 'latest release' a subheading of 'introduction' and lose the blue
> background for it


> - make 'wiki migration' a subheading of 'news/recent changes' and lose the
> blue background for it


> Is there a simple way to make the apache image (with the feather) the same
> width as the textbox below it? I think that's more pleasing to the eye.

No. One is an image, the other is table. Fixed now by adding
the Help link to the top-panel.

David Crossley

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