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From Joose Vettenranta <>
Subject Re: global variables from file?
Date Tue, 06 Jul 2004 05:54:54 GMT
5.7.2004 kello 19:55, Stephan Coboos kirjoitti:
>> is it possible to load global variables from file?
> I don't know wether it is what you want, but you can use the 
> PropertiesFileModule or the XMLFileModule to access config datas 
> coming from a (local) file:

seems not to be what I'm looking for or I just don't know how to 
implement that.

on sitemap.xmap file there can be:

           | Define global parameters here:
           |   <skin>my_skin</skin>
           |   ...
           | You can access them by {global:*name*}, e.g. {global:skin}.
           | These values are inherited into sub-sitemaps and can
           | be extended there.

I would like these global-variables to be loaded from a xml-file or 
from properties file, or what ever file, as long as I can load them 
from file and signal cocoon that the file has changed.

then I could do in sitemap like this:

<transform src="templates/{global:skin}/template.xsl" />

- Joose

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