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From Matthieu Richard-Molard <>
Subject Read XML file from XSP
Date Wed, 07 Jul 2004 08:09:42 GMT

Many thanks for your answer!

> My older Cocoon projects were written in XSP, but the
> combination of appropriayte pipelines matches and the
> "lighter" generators and transformers results in more
> cleanly built (and more maintainable apps).

That's just what I have to do!
In the first version of my project, all requests are hard-coded inside 
the XSP file:
that works fine, but it must be hard to maintain.

For the second version i must generate the requests from an XML file.

I've already managed to show the user a dropdwon list with the 
requests' titles, through an XSL file :

<map:match pattern="java/req">
       <map:generate src="java/requetes.xml" />
        <map:transform src="java/req.xsl"/>
        <map:serialize type="html"/>

Now i 'm supposed to  transfer the user's choice  to another page,
that must be generated by an XSP page,
since i have to use ESQL to access the Sybase db, and display the list 
of values for each field

>  you could use
> the XML files as a source of query spec.. and then
> generate the query using ESQL inside your XSP page

That would be a nice solution :
so how can I make the xml usable by ESQL?

- Is there a special connection pool to build?
- Are there samples for this way of doing?

> -OR-
> You could switch to the preferred way of doing things
> which is to use JXTemplateGenerator, followed by an
> SQLTransformer.
> If your XML query files are already in some "strange" format;
> then run them through a secondary pipeline, in which you
> transform them to a format that can be used as a source
> for the JXTemplateGenerator pipeline (cocoon:/)

For this more professionnal way of doing ,
  is there a sample pipeline to convert plain xml
through  JXTemplateGenerator?

Deep in my heart i thank you for being so heplful.
I'm such a newbie in Cocoon,
but i'm so willing to make it  and have it work for good!


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