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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: Use Cocoon as a rapid development tool?? (Jetty vs Tomcat)
Date Fri, 25 Jun 2004 12:32:15 GMT
Wow, Jetty must be *very* fast - I usually only 
have to wait a few seconds for a Tomcat restart
on my machine....

>>> 2004/06/25 02:25:12 PM >>>
Derek Hohls wrote:
> If I rebuild Cocoon and deploy it, using Tomcat,
> does it not write over all my exisiting settings
> and changes?

It depends on how you organize your dev environment. When I start a new

Cocoon-based project, I usually:

- compile the latest version incuding just the blocks I need
- edit the build/webapp/sitemap.xmap file removing everything but the 
<map:components> section
- copy the WEB-INF directory and the sitemap to my project
- import new CVS module in my own repository
- start adding functionality

This way, if I want to later add other blocks or upgrade to a newer 
version, all I have to do is overwrite files in WEB-INF and never touch

my application files.

In other words, I don't do applications by extending Cocoon, but I add

Cocoon to my apps, so to say.

And I never use Tomcat in development. I use Jetty and if I need to ad
new JAR I just restart it. Jetty's startup is very fast, compared to

> Simpler = download and unzip zip file  and 
> copy into an existing Cocoon instance.

Maybe when we have real blocks.

> I do not deal with transactions and its not clear to me 
> what "resource management" means in this context.

Properly acquiring and releasing session, for instance.


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