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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: Use Cocoon as a rapid development tool??
Date Fri, 25 Jun 2004 11:34:57 GMT

If I rebuild Cocoon and deploy it, using Tomcat,
does it not write over all my exisiting settings
and changes?

Simpler = download and unzip zip file  and 
copy into an existing Cocoon instance.

My point about Spring its that its just one more
thing - and there is already a long list! - to learn.
Maybe as I work more with Hibernate, I will get to
see where the shortfalls are and take it up... 
I do not deal with transactions and its not clear to me 
what "resource management" means in this context.

If we are going to recommend - or even suggest - that people 
use these technologies, we *must* make more documentation
available - Hugo is one of very few who has bothered to
write up how to get going with Hibernate (and I could not
yet find anything equivalent for Spring on the Wiki?).  Maybe 
if some of the people - and there are quite a few - on the mailing 
list, who have indicated that there are already up-and-running
with Hibernate, could supply some of their working code
or docs we could get going...

My point here is that if we get a new person on the list
who says "can I start with Cocoon to do a database web-
app?" there should be a track - or two or three - that we
can point him/her to and say "follow that!".  I'll warrent
many people already on the list (judging by previous
threads) will welcome this too...

NB This is not aimed at you Ugo, I know you have done and
are doing your best to supply help in this area.


>>> 2004/06/25 12:36:10 PM >>>
Derek Hohls wrote:
> I have asked a number of times of this list for some
> simple samples to get going with Hibernate, but so far
> no one has taken a swing at it [I exclude PetStore because
> it adds in Spring as well, and is not simple to download
> and add in to an *existing* Cocoon installation without
> rebuilding].

Two points here:

Using Spring is meant to simplify your life WRT using Hibernate alone.

No need to deal with resource management, exception handling and 
transactions. This alone is a big advantage, IMHO.

The above may be a matter of opinion, but your second point is
incorrect. There are just three steps involved:

1. unzip the file
2. paste a bunch of lines into a file
3. run (or build.bat)

Can you really make it simpler? Well, we could distribute a binary 
version of the block, but the point of the sample is to show some best

practices _in_source_code_, not to run a real online petstore.


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