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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Multivaluefield - getting values in JXTemplate?
Date Thu, 17 Jun 2004 06:06:16 GMT
I am having problems displaying the results of a
multivaluefield selection (CForms and flow script in 
Cocoon 2.1.5).

The form has a multivaluefield widget called "theme".

The form is created and displayed in the usual way; I am
trying the following code to extract the values selected:

  var model = form.getModel();  
  var atheme = form.getChild("theme");
  cocoon.sendPage("jxpage", { "atheme":atheme, "theme":model.theme 
The "jxpage" looks like this:

<html xmlns:jx="">
    <title>Report successful</title>
    Report was successful for ${theme} and ${atheme}
  <jx:forEach var="thisTheme" items="theme">
    <li>Selection: ${theme.current}</li>
  <jx:forEach var="thisTheme" items="theme">
    <li>A Selection: ${atheme.current}</li>

And the output looks like:

Report was successful for
org.apache.cocoon.forms.flow.javascript.ScriptableWidget@12a585c and
* Selection: 
* A Selection: 

How do I go about getting the values selected in the
multivaluefield?  (And if you know this, then perhaps you
can help with multi-check boxes and radio groups?)


PS It may be worth considering "upgrading" the samples
shipped with Cocoon so they demo this... for example, the
has multivalue field in the form, but the results of the
selection are not shonw in the jx-drive "success" page!

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