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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: Integrating Cocoon and Hibernate - basic problem
Date Thu, 10 Jun 2004 16:40:55 GMT
Um - to take this a step further - what is it about
GPL or LGPL that the "Apache Board" (an ominous
sounding name?!) objects to ?

(I assume there are documented discussions about
this somewhere?)


>>> 06/10/04 2:54 PM >>>
Derek Hohls wrote:

> Please explain about the license issue - is the GPL
> not compatiable with the Apache license (sorry for
> my ignorance of these legal issues...  I tend to be
> more worried about just getting my code working!)

Well, GPL libraries bind the software linked to them to become a GPL 
one: utterly inappropriate for Cocoon, you understand ;)

OTOH, (L)GPL (which is very similar to ASL) has not such a bind, and 
could be, IMHO, used safely within Cocoon... trouble is the Apache board

has a different opinion :(

Therefore, the ASF policy is to avoid the inclusion of (L)GPL libraries 
in Apache products... not even allowing the use of mock classes of 
(L)GPL software in Apache products.

Sorry to rain on your parade :(


I know it the hard way: Fins cannot be distributed with Cocoon because 
it relies on JFreeChart, which is (L)GPL.

      Luca Morandini

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