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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: cforms, flowscripts and database
Date Thu, 03 Jun 2004 06:56:59 GMT

One or two of us (and probably others) are working
to try and get a decent sample for the use of Hibernate
as a persistence layer, acting in concert with POJO, as
well as the usual flow/cforms.  I do not believe it will
be that hard to do, but it is quite a mouthful of 
technology to swallow at one go!!

Perhaps we can call this LATCH
[nb. avoid adding in mysql as this solution is meant to 
be db independant!]


>>> 2004/06/02 04:40:48 PM >>>

I need to develop a webb app based on a PostgreSQL db.

Though, since I decided to work with Cforms, I need to get involved
(cforms for a future move to Lenya)
That's ok,
I also know (and tryed) db-actions (modular ones), SQLT, and XSP. (not
this context)
Thus, how which is the BEST WAY to use db and flowscript ?

I took a look at the petstore sample and saw database.js.
that's a pretty thing but maybe not as strong as actions and so on.
I already saw that there was quite a long discussion around that
(cocoon-devel sthg around April 20th )

Knowing a little in OJB, I think it is too much complicated for the job
need to fullfill.
I also notice that it is possible to use hybernate (another technology
but I don't really want to learn this other thing.

In fact it appears that I am in front of the LAMP vs

please , feel free to give me any helpfull advice (experience feedback
greatly appreciated)

Thanks in advance,

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