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From Colin Paul Adams <>
Subject Re: Tomcat won't expand cocoon.war
Date Sat, 26 Jun 2004 04:17:48 GMT
>>>>> "Joerg" == Joerg Heinicke <> writes:

    Joerg> On 25.06.2004 17:28, Colin Paul Adams wrote:
    >> So I did a ./ war and copied the resulting cocoon.war
    >> to the tomcat webapps directory.

    Joerg> Absolutely correct.

    >> When tomcat (4.1.27 - as installed from RPMs supplied with FC2)
    >> starts up it issues messages to say it can't expand cocoon.war
    >> - specifically it reports a for
    >> /usr/share/tomcat/webapps/cocoon/WEB-INF/lib/excalibur-logger-1.1.jar
    >> (I'm typing this, not cutting and pasting).  I checked the
    >> cocoon.war with a jar tf cocoon.war command and it's in there
    >> OK.

    Joerg> Really strange. I guess Tomcat reads the WAR's manifest
    Joerg> file and does not find a mentioned JAR. Can you assure that
    Joerg> it is exactly the correct spelling of the JAR's name?

Here is the extract from the tomcat log:

localhost.log:2004-06-25 15:15:37 HostConfig[localhost]: Expanding web application archive
localhost.log:2004-06-25 15:15:37 HostConfig[localhost] Exception while expanding web application
archive cocoon.war /usr/share/tomcat/webapps/cocoon/WEB-INF/lib/excalibur-logger-1.1.jar
(No such file or directory)

and here is the extract from a jar tf cocoon.war command:


    Joerg> Building a WAR, deploying it in webapps
    Joerg> dir and solving the endorsed libs problem should be
    Joerg> sufficient for every Tomcat version.

What's this problem then. I can't see it mentioned in install.txt.
Colin Paul Adams
Preston Lancashire

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