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Subject Re: Authentication Framework / NotSerializableException
Date Wed, 02 Jun 2004 17:14:15 GMT
problem solved - using Tomcat5.0 instead of 4.1 does the trick...

Joerg Heinicke <>
01.06.2004 22:09
Please respond to users

        Subject:        Re: Authentication Framework / NotSerializableException

On 01.06.2004 15:37, wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm using the authentication framework (very basically, I believe) and 
> a notSerializableException when stopping the server while a session 
> exists.
> The environment is JBoss3.2.3 with embedded Tomcat4.1 and cocoon2.1.3.
> I have looked for information for several hours now but don't seem to 
> anything. 
> I'd appreciate any hints on what I'm doing wrong here...
> 14:37:54,234 ERROR [Engine] StandardManager[/cocoon] Cannot serialize 
> session attribute 

> for session E6B9B711B490C566CD6A902677CDBF11
> org.apache.cocoon.components.ComponentContext

You have an object in the session that is tried to be persisted (written 
to persistent store on disk) but it fails obviously. The question is of 
course why the session will be persisted at all. Is it a feature of 
JBoss/Tomcat with an option to deactivate it or just default behaviour 
(what I can't imagine because you are not the only one having objects in 
the session that are not Serializable).


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